Pass the gift

A gift is wrapped in multi-layer colored papers. One member is assigned to pass around the gift and one will control the music for start and stop. While the music is playing the one member that you assigned will pass the gift around. When the music stops, the person holding the gift will remove one layer of the gift wrap. The game continues until the gift is revealed. The person to remove the last gift wrap gets the gift as a prize or you can assign some different prize for him or her.

Baby Bottle Race

A very integrating game is the "Baby Bottle Race". Just take some baby bottles filled with a preferred drink. Each game member takes a bottle and sucks it like a baby, the member who drinks the most before the time runs out gets a prize. Everyone will be laughing by the end!

Guess the momís belly

Check with the guest of honor in advance on this one. All you need is a ball or two of string. Ask guests to cut a length of string that they think will stretch around the future momís belly. After everyone had a turn, the mother has to measure and cuts a string that fits her belly. Compare her string to all the guestsí pieces of string. The person who was closest wins a small prize. This is a great icebreaker.

Never Say Mom Or Baby

Never Say "Mom or Mother" - This is one of the challenging baby shower games as it is quite impossible not to say the word "Mom or Mother" during baby showers. The only materials you need are safety pins and strings. Everyone will wear the strings with pins like they would a necklace. Each time a person says "Mom or Mother", anyone can call her or him out and place a pin from that personís necklace to his or hers. this rule should be told to everybody before the baby shower starts. The person with the most pins at the end of the party wins. (you can select another word like "pregnant", "Baby", "Father", etc)

How much do you know about the mom?

This is pretty standard fare for baby showers, with guests answers some relative questions that ask things like how far along is the expectant mother, what name has she chosen for a boy or a girl, How much weight she gained during pregnancy and what she wants to wear during pregnancy. But you can spice it up by throwing in some off-the-wall questions like where she was when she first experienced morning sickness or how many copies of What to Expect When Youíre Expecting she received.


In this game, you scramble the letters of relevant baby words and ask guest to identify the word as quickly as possible. Or maybe you can ask guests to pick both a girl and boy name for the baby and try to think of as many words as they can from the combination of the 2 names. If the baby's gender is known, have guests pick a first and middle name. Of course, the baby's last name will be the same as the parents'. Don't tell the object of the game until after they have picked out the names. This way they will not try to intentionally pick out longer names. The only way to know the object of the game is if they have played this game before. Now, after they have picked out the names. Create word finds or unscrambled from the names. Have the guests unscramble the names. The person with the most word finds (unscrambles) wins.

Members Name Tags

Assign a name tags with various words of things that the mother will use during motherhood (e.g., Nappy, Rattles, Onesie ). Give all guests a *name* tag when they arrive which is how they will have to be called during the Baby Shower Party. A real fun start when you call a person with his/her name tag.

Dress The Baby

Divide the baby shower guests into groups. one member selected to be a "baby" in each group. The other members of the group dressed the "baby" in a bonnet and diaper out of nothing but toilet paper. The guest of honor or mother to be judged the best Dress up! One of the very funny baby shower game!

Write Something about yourself

Ask each baby shower guest to share funny things or stories that happened back when they were little ones, after they all write about themselves you can read loudly at they party and enjoy the memories of your guests.

Purse Scavenger Hunt

Can be played in teams if someone arrives without a purse or handbag. A preprinted list is handed out to everyone with various items normally found in ladies bags and items rarely found in them. Example- an invitation to this shower, an overdue utility bill, any form of birth control, key chain with a baby picture, picture of a pet, expired voters registration card, grocery list, grocery receipt with toilet paper purchase. . .be creative and watch women go crazy empting out their personals for all to share! Assign a point system. Grocery list may only be worth one point, where a baby rattle is worth 10! Thanks again Pam for this wonderful baby shower game idea.

Make the Best Baby

Pass out a plate, a different color ball of playdough and sprinkle confetti on each baby shower guests plate. Give everyone 5 minutes to complete the best baby they can create out of the clay. Give prizes for originality, most funny and any other baby shower award you want to give. (Materials: plastic plates, playdough, baby shower confetti).

Baby Shower Memories

A great idea and most memorable baby shower activity/game is to have every baby shower guest to get a picture taken and write on a little paper some advice or funny information about the parents-to-be which will eventually be shown to the baby as they grown and see who was present at their baby shower. It is great to place your name, relation to the parents-to-be, with a funny memory about the parents-to-be and advice for the new baby in later life! A very memorable baby shower present and activity.

Name That Baby Tune

Just like the popular game "Name That Tune", you can play the same game with baby songs. See which baby shower guest can guess the baby song the quickest. The person at the baby shower that guesses the most baby songs the quickest wins! More Fun to also play in teams and keep score! (Materials: CD Player or Cassette Player)

Little Baby Words

Give the baby shower members a time limit of 10-15 minutes and let them write down as many baby-talk words as they can think of followed by the correct name for the words. Examples: baa-baa is a bottle, bye-bye is good bye, wa-wa is a drink of water. You may need to give them a hint before they write something.


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